Step-by-Step Guide to Founding an SARL-S Company in Luxembourg (Création d’entreprise SARL-S)

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Step-by-Step Guide to Founding an SARL-S Company in Luxembourg (Création d’entreprise SARL-S)

Founding an SARL-S company in Luxembourg


My company was founded using these exact steps almost one year ago. It is possible that some of these steps might have slightly changed.

The first thing you need to do it go to Most of the procedures to found a company are going to be done here. So grab your Luxtrust token, and let’s get to it!

Use any of these tokens to connect:

Normally, you should only have an “Espace privé”, so now, you will have to create an “Espace professionnel”.

After that is done, under “Mes démarches”, click on “Sélectionnez une démarche” and in the catalogue, search for “etablissement”. From the three “démarches”, select the one in the middle, called “Demande d’autorisation d’établissement”. This is main the certification you need to found a company in Luxembourg.





The main document in this first section is going to be the: “Demande d’autorisation d’établissement”. In order to get your “Autorisation d’établissement” for your company you will need the following 8 documents:

1. Demande d’Autorisation d’Etablissement

This is a document of only 2 pages which you will have to print out, fill out and upload again as a PDF file. It might be possible for you to fill this out online (it didn’t work for me at the time).

Since I didn’t have a Scanner by hand, I just photographed the filled-out form with my phone, converted the two JPEG photo files with a tool (like this to PDF and then merged the 2 PDF files (with this:


2. Déclaration sur l’honneur

Two Page document to fill out. Follow the steps from “Demande d’Autorisation d’Etablissement”.


3. Copie du diplôme universitaire ou supérieur ou d’un certificat de fin d’études universitaires ou supérieures, délivré par un établissement d’enseignement supérieur reconnu par l’Etat du siège de l’établissement et sanctionnant l’accomplissement avec succès d’un cycle complet de trois années d’études

This is a long name for basically just meaning: a copy of your Diploma (at least a Bachelor’s Degree). Repeat the same procedure as with the last 2 documents and upload.


4. Copie de l’inscription du diplôme au Registre des titres tenu par le ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche

To be allowed to create a company in a certain field, your diploma for that field must be registered with CEDIES ( For certain countries (including Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium), this is done automatically: your diploma, when you receive it, is also sent digitally to CEDIES’s databank. You need to contact CEDIES and ask for the “Copie de l’inscription du diplôme”.

I did not know that this is done automatically, so I went to CEDIES and got my Diploma manually registered and then got my “Copie de l’inscription du diplôme”.


5. Copie du virement de 24 euros sur le compte : CCP LU09 1111 7026 5281 0000 CCPLLULL avec communication : autorisation de commerce

This first process costs 24 €. You need to wire this money, then upload the PDF of the “Avis de débit”. This is easily done via Internet Banking.


6. Pièce d’identité

A copy of your “Carte d’Identité”. Either scan or take a photo with the phone and repeat the steps from “Demande d’Autorisation d’Etablissement”.


7. Fournir une copie du projet de statuts (pas obligatoire mais recommandé)

As it says, this is not mandatory, but I suggest you just do it now because we will need those for a further step anyways. You can do this by simply downloading a template of Statuts at: (also exists in English)

Then fill out the different fields in Italic, delete the comments at the beginning of the document. And at the end of the document, you need to sign. I signed a piece of white paper, took a photo of the signature and inserted that photo onto the Word document. Then you just save the Word document as PDF and can upload it to


8. Casier judiciaire bulletin nr3

This one is for “certificat de bonne vie et moeurs du pays de provenance” and I hope yours is as empty as mine. You can order one directly from When you are in your personal space at “Mes démarches”, you can “Sélectionnez une démarche”, in the list you search for “casier” and you’ll order one for “personne physique”. They will send it to you by post relatively fast and for free.

Alternatively, you can go to the Cité judiciaire and ask for your Casier in person to get one immediately.





The next step is going to be your affiliation at the CCSS (Centre commun de la sécurité sociale) This is their website if you need any information ( but everything we need is still going to be done through


  • Déclaration d’exploitation


In this document, you will have to fill out the infos on your company and yourself and sign the document digitally with your Luxtrust token.




Now you need to sign up for the VAT (TVA – Taxe sur la Valeur Ajoutée) and the main document to fill out is:


  • Taxe sur la Valeur Ajoutée – Déclaration Initiale Personnes Morales


Fill in the info about your company, the location where it will operate, what operations it is going to conduct (ex: commerce, consulting, coaching, etc.) and what the potential revenue is going to be. Again, sign with your Luxtrust Token.


More Info on this document:

I do Digital Marketing, so I put in as POINT 4: “Activité principale” : “Activités et services commerciaux”. That way, I can do consulting in many different field plus I could even buy and sell goods. Then you can further describe what you will do, for me it was: “Consultance dans le domaine du marketing digital”.

For POINT 13, it is best for new companies and start-ups to go with the minimum “inférieur à 30.000,01€” and also click “Régime normal”.

For POINT 41, under the link you will find which “Bureau” you need to select. If you are like me, an SARL-S operating in Luxembourg canton, it will be “Luxembourg 5”.


Furthermore, you need the following 3 documents:

1.Copie de l’acte constitutif

These are the “Statuts” which we mentioned before. Good thing we already have those ready and can upload them as we did before.

2. Autorisation de commerce / d’établissement

This is the document you will get by post if you completed Step 1. If you sent in all the documents required in Step 1, all documents are labelled as “Accepté” and there are no errors (they will notify you if there are errors and your document will not be labelled “Accepté”), then you will get this document by post after a little while. Just take a photo of it and upload it.

3. Copie du contrat de location

This is needed to make sure that you reside in Luxembourg. It is your “Contrat de bail” if you are renting an accomodation. As usual, take a photo of all the pages, convert to PDF, merge and upload to


And with this we have completed all the Steps on Now we need to move over to





RCSL (Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés Luxembourg) (

For this next step, I don’t remember all the exact actions it took when I registered my company and the RCSL website was down at the time I wrote this article, so I could not retrace my steps, my apologies. I will try to give the information as accurately as possible from memory.


Go to the RCSL website. On the homepage, click on the button “Nouveau Dépôt”.

Good News: All the documents that we are going to need here, we already have.

Needed Documents:

  • Statuts
  • Carte d’Identité
  • Déclaration sur l’honneur


There is one more document that you need to fill out on the website itself. At some point a number is asked and since I didn’t know exactly which one it was, I called up the Helpdesk of RCSL who were very helpful.

The number was sent to me by post in a letter from “Centre des technologies de l’information de l’Etat – Service du Répertoire général des Personnes” and the number looked like this

2017 XX XXXXX. If you come across the mentioned document and the number is asked, you’ll know what to look for.


While uploading the files to the RCSL website I encountered a problem. The files were only accepted in a PDF/A Format. (Wikipedia: PDF/A is an ISO-standardized version of the Portable Document Format specialized for use in the archiving and long-term preservation of electronic documents).


I did some research online and tried to save my PDF’s in this PDF/A format using Adobe Acrobat, Word and other word processors, but could not get it to work.

I ended up calling the RCSL Helpdesk again and they were very helpful once more. I sent them my files, which they converted for me and sent them back to me.


Uploading and saving your documents to the RCSL website costs around 45€ and if I remember correctly, it was possible to pay this directly via VISA. You only have to pay once to save all of your documents.


And that’s it! Once you have your “Autorisation d’Etablissement”, your VAT Number and are enrolled with the CCSS and RCSL, you can start operating with your freshly founded company!


Have Fun and Good Luck!

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