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social media cross promotion

A successful Social Media Strategy needs specific goals, a set timeframe and a continous analysis of the results. We can help you develop, excecute and measure a strategy that aligns with your business goals to get the most out of your social channels.

Creating content is easy, creating good content that your audience likes is an artform. The goal is to create value for your customer. We can help you plan and produce the kinds of content that your fans will appreciate.

Facebook Advertising has become one of the most prominent marketing tools over the last years. Reasons include high reach, affordable pricing and precise targeting possiblities. We can help you get the most out of FB Ads with advanced targeting tactics, A/B split testing and a continous monitoring of results.

Customer relationship management is important: a happy client will buy again, recommend your brand and become an ambassador for your ideas. We can show you the best practices or manage your social accounts for you to keep your community engaged and happy.